Have a blessed Esaster

Rolling into the future has been busy. I had talked with Dr. Kelly’s class, as well as. three talks to Jody Miller’s Region A Partnership with young children.I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences living with a disability. It is my hope that my public speakings and writings will encourage those with disabilities, as well as, the general public,that those of us with a challenges to reach their highest potientals in every aspect of life.

My chap/books are for sale at City Lights, on line at
Also if you like to purchase one of my books,or have me speak with your church or group please contact me at the info below.
May God richly bless you this Easter.

Wanda Mills, PoetPublic Speaker, Creative Writer


I love the spring, especially the longer daylight hours. I’m not afraid of the dark, I just don’t like it!
Both of my chap/book,”Look at me and Roll on” are online at Also both chap/books can be purchased at City Lights. Please check them out.

I have been blessed to be asked to share my story “Living with Cerebral Palsy” with several groups. If you would like me to speak with your group or church please contact me either by phone 828- 586-5270 or email I can use a power point to help you understand my speech.

So many times those of us with limitations are look at as not being inteliience or not being capable of living in the real world, and not stopping to find out what the person’s hopes and dreams are. Ever since my parents passed away, “well meaning people” have been trying put me in home. This would easier on those around me.It has been my that these homes bring in ‘s to perform for those living there, or else the workers give busy work to keep them occupied while they patiently on the death angel. This is not the way I want to spend my golden years.

My family and friends, as well as myself, are getting older and it’s harder to get me in a car. Do any of you have or know of a good handicap van that could either be donated or sold at a low price to rolling into the future. This would be a great to my family as well as to other handicapped persons in our county.
Wanda Mills
Founder if rolling into the furture

Wanda Mills, Poet,
Public Speaker, Creative Writer


I wrote a blog last week and for some reason it did1 not post. Please forgive me.I plan to do at least one blog a month this year. Speaking of the new year I hope each of you had a blessed Christmas. May the new year bring joy and peace for each of you. In early December Rolling in to the future had their first Christmas party. We enjoyed good food and good fellowship.We also reflected on our accomplishments over the year., and set goals for 2019. In November I was blessed to have my second chap/book. We introduced the book “Roll On” at my short story reading at my story reading at the library in mid November.

Each of these books are $5.00, If you would like one or both of these chap/books please contact me by phone or email information listed below.
Another part of Rolling into the future is public speaking. I want to share my story of growing up with cerebral palsy. There has been lots of needed changes for people with disabilities. However, there’s still a lot to be done especially in the area of inclusion. I want speak to parents. teachers, and society as a whole.I would also like to share my story to churches. Without the grace of God I could not have dealt with my handicap for these 69 years. Please contact me. I would love to speak at your church.

Wanda Mills, Poet,

Public Speaker, Creative Writer

Happy new year

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and is looking forward to a successful 2019. I was honored to be asked to read my Christmas poem at the Webster Christmas Program this year; which was a wonderful program.
Rolling Into The Future team enjoyed having a Christmas Party.We discussed our accomplishments for 2018. I have another chap/book.”Roll On.”, I still have .copies of my “Look At Me” chap/book. Each of these are $5.00. If you Would like a copy of these books please contact me at my email address or phone number at the bottom of this email.We will make arrangements to get together for you to buy these chapbooks. We also discussed our plans for 2019. It is my hope to have another chap/book ready in March.
I have a wheelchair accessible van which needs a lot of repairs which we hope to get on the road.which will be used as a taxi for people in wheel chairs. This taxi service will give both the elderly and those of us with disabilities transportation on the evenings and weekends.

It is the prayer of our team for those reading this blog to have a blessed 2019.

Wanda Mills, PoetPublic Speaker, Creative Writer

23 November, 2018 22:27

I want to thank each of you who attended my short story reading at the library on November 15th. It meant a lot to me to share
sdome of my writings with you.I also want to express my thanksd to my team Laura, Kristy, Jim and John for all their hard work.
Without them rolling into the future would not be able to “ROLL ON”

I now have two chap/books, Look At Me and Rolling On. Each of these chap/books are $5.00.If you are interested in buying these
books please contact me at the contact information below,.

Thank You

Wanda Mills, PoetPublic Speaker, Creative Writer
828.586 5270

13 November, 2018 17:25

I Want to invite each of you to join me this Thursday November15th at 6:00 I will be reading some of my stories at the Jackson County. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Wanda Mills,Poet,

Public Speaker, Creative Writer



Wanda Mills, Poet,
Public Speaker, Creative

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11 August, 2018 19:33

I apologize for not having posted in a while. Due to some computer problems and other commitments I became slack in writing my blog. Hopefully I’m back on track now. I now have a go fund me page to help fix my handicap van. This van will make it easier for me to schedule talks during the evenings.If your church or group would like me to tell my story of living with a disability day by day with God’s help, please contact me at my email address: Look forward to hearing from you.
If you are interested in buying my chap/book, please contact at my email.
I am in the process of selecting stories for my second chap/book which hopefully will be out in the fall.
I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for your encouragement for rolling into the future.
God bless,
Wanda Mills

Wanda Mills, Poet,
Public Speaker, Creative Writer

19 July, 2018 22:10

I want to express my heart felt thanks to each of you who have given to my ” go fund me” page. Your support and encouragement means more to mean than words can ever express! I believe it is God’s call me to share my experiences to encourage others to live life to its their fullest potentials. If you would like for me to share with you or you group, or if you are interested in my chap/book please contact me at my contact information below.
I have been privileged to be asked to join the DAYDREAMZ from Asheville to be in the Folkmooth parade in Waynesville Saturday morning at 10:00. Come join the fun

Wanda Mills, PoetPublic Speaker, Creative Writer