The two themes of my talk are first, educationing everyone that people with any type of challenge can have a full, rich life within their capabilities and secondly, how the power of God can support any person with a challenge to have a full rich life.

Wanda’s faith in God is the driving force of her life. There are times in everyone’s life where events or circumstances seem to be unbearable. A lot of times while dealing with cerebral palsy she has wanted to give up, but the grace of  God has given her the strength to go on.

A major focus of her public speaking is to share her struggles with her disability as well as how God has opened amazing doors for her. It’s Wanda’s desire that by sharing her life story through her business “Rolling Into The Future” the lessons she has learned through her disability and her walk with God will be an encouragement to those with any type of disability, as well as those who are struggling with the day to day matters of life to see how “Able God Is.”

Wanda Mills
God Bless

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