It’s hard to believe it’s the Christmas season already! I hope this year has brought joy and peace to both you and your love ones. I Have been blessed with by being asked to share my experinces living with the disability Cerebral Palsay for several groups. Speaking to parents and those who work with those of us who have different types of limitation is an area that I want to expand in the coming year. I also want to tell my story to churches of how God helps me to deal with CP on a daily bases. Anyonie who would like me to speak to your church,group or meet with me on an individuals baises please contact me at either by the email or phone information listed below. Due to my speech impedment when I do public speakinig, I use either handouts or a power point.
I also have three chap/books “Look At Me, Rolling on, and Keep On Rolling.” These can be purchased at City Lights, or online at selz which can be reached through by webpage, or contact me at my infromation at the end of this blog.
Another project of rolling into the future is fixing up an van which is running now, but we need a heater, air conditioners, and a wheelchair lift. If anyone knows where we can find these used parts and someone who can either fix the lift on the van or know of a good used lift please let me know.
I wish for each of you a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Wanda Mills, PoetPublic Speaker, Creative Writer

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