R—–is being in the REAL world
O—–is taking advantage of every Opportunity
L—–is LEARNING to do new things
L—–is choosing the LIFE you want
I—–is being INCLUDED not excluded
N—–trying NEW things
G—–is not GIVING up

I——is having many INTERESTS
N—-is NEVER letting others steal your dreams
T—-is TELLING people what you want in life
O—is OVERCOMING people trying to force you to be more disabled than you are

T—–is being TRUE to yourself not letting others opinions define what you can or can’t do
H—–is-knowing who you are and HOLDING your head up knowing your handicap does not define who you are
E—–is ENCOURAGING others to reach their potential

F—–is FINDING your place in life and not letting others push you into being where they think you belong.
U—–is USING the abilities you have to compensate for the things you aren’t able to do.
T—–is TEACHING the public that your body may be disabled, but who you are as a person is not handicapped
U—–is the UNBELIEVEABLE accomplishments you have made in spite of being disabled.
R—–REALIZNG you may not do everything like others do them but accomplished the same end results by find a way you can do them.
E—–do not EVER let others opinions defer from pursuing the course you have charted for yourself.

These are some of the goals and standards which makes rolling into the future ROLL ON!