Wanda, as a person living her life with a disability is in a unique position to address issues related to education, social services and community access. She was born in an era where very few opportunities were available for her to participate in having a “typical” lifestyle. She has had first hand experience with the difficulties in obtaining an education, not because of her ability to learn, but due to her ability to access the educational system. She understands the challenges that arise for both her and the service provider with agencies that provide help. She is fully aware of the difficulties associated with interacting or moving around in her community due to architectural design.

These experiences have left her with a story she wants to share with the community. She can speak to the excitement and frustration of obtaining an education in a system geared for “typical” students. She understands how hard obtaining and providing services to people with disabilities and their families can be. She is acutely aware of the barriers to moving around and interacting with her community.

Wanda knows that each person with a disability has their own unique set of needs and that they must be addressed individually. These needs cannot be clumped together and serviced in a “one size fits all” fashion. One of the way to accomplish this goal is to have a conversation, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of our systems. She is available to do a presentation on these topics.

For fee and scheduling arrangements, please contact Wanda.