I wrote a blog last week and for some reason it did1 not post. Please forgive me.I plan to do at least one blog a month this year. Speaking of the new year I hope each of you had a blessed Christmas. May the new year bring joy and peace for each of you. In early December Rolling in to the future had their first Christmas party. We enjoyed good food and good fellowship.We also reflected on our accomplishments over the year., and set goals for 2019. In November I was blessed to have my second chap/book. We introduced the book “Roll On” at my short story reading at my story reading at the library in mid November.

Each of these books are $5.00, If you would like one or both of these chap/books please contact me by phone or email information listed below.
Another part of Rolling into the future is public speaking. I want to share my story of growing up with cerebral palsy. There has been lots of needed changes for people with disabilities. However, there’s still a lot to be done especially in the area of inclusion. I want speak to parents. teachers, and society as a whole.I would also like to share my story to churches. Without the grace of God I could not have dealt with my handicap for these 69 years. Please contact me. I would love to speak at your church.

Wanda Mills, Poet,

Public Speaker, Creative Writer

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