” This past summer at the Webster Historical Society’s annual ‘Summer Evening in Webster,’ now in its 37th year, I asked her to be one of July summer programs the are music, drama, readings, all sort of arts. She would read her poems and talk about her work that afternoon. I asked her to write a poem about our mountains to read that day, and she did: a beautiful poem about the seasons.”
“Unknowing to her, but in 1926 Professor Robert Lee Madison, the founder of Western Carolina University, was also a poet and his work was often published. In 1926 he wrote a poem about our mountain, and the interesting thing is that Wanda’s and Dr. Madison’s poems were written with the same feeling. That evening we gave in the program copies of the Wanda and Madison poems, and she autographed her work.” ~Joe Rhinehart
“I first meet Wanda in 2014 when she applied to be a volunteer at the Jackson County Public Library. Her enthusiasm and welcoming personality make her a natural as a library greeter. As I got to know Wanda more she shared her stories and poetry with me. I immediately recognized Wanda’s talent and asked her if she had ever thought of publishing her work. This led to more conversations about how publication could be accomplished and her passion for this project always shone though.”
“Wanda has performed her poetry at the library in front of a large audience where she received a standing ovation. After hearing about the programs success, other libraries in the region requested her contact information so that can book her for events”. ~Tracy Fitzmaurice JCPL
“Wanda delivers a powerful and moving experience in her poetry and talk.  It has lessons for all of us as we experience challenges ourselves or touch the lives of others with disabilities.  Her wisdom, intelligence and humor shine thru every moment.  You will be uplifted by experiencing this event” ~John Woods
Wanda’s public speaking is both inspirational and informative.
Wanda infuses her talks with humor, creativity and an honest look at some of the daily challenges of living with cerebral palsy. ~Laura Chapman, JCPL