Wanda Mills

There are special classes, day cares, day programs and living arrangements for many people with disabilities. These are wonderful services for those who need or choose this environment either for themselves or their loved ones. Thank God these needs can be met. I want it clearly understood I am in no way trying to cast a bad light on these programs. However, I feel strongly there is a population of people who have been neglected. These folks, like myself, who have physical disabilities of many different kinds of severity, but who have both the mental capabilities and the determination to have a career, as well as a full and meaningful life of their own choosing.

Rolling Into The Future was established in order to encourage people with disabilities to live their dreams and not just exist. It is my sincere belief that God’s call on my life is for sharing my life story and how God has led me through many very dark valleys in order for me to become the person He wants me to be, an help others to “live instead of just existing.”