I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and is looking forward to a successful 2019. I was honored to be asked to read my Christmas poem at the Webster Christmas Program this year; which was a wonderful program.
Rolling Into The Future team enjoyed having a Christmas Party.We discussed our accomplishments for 2018. I have another chap/book.”Roll On.”, I still have .copies of my “Look At Me” chap/book. Each of these are $5.00. If you Would like a copy of these books please contact me at my email address or phone number at the bottom of this email.We will make arrangements to get together for you to buy these chapbooks. We also discussed our plans for 2019. It is my hope to have another chap/book ready in March.
I have a wheelchair accessible van which needs a lot of repairs which we hope to get on the road.which will be used as a taxi for people in wheel chairs. This taxi service will give both the elderly and those of us with disabilities transportation on the evenings and weekends.

It is the prayer of our team for those reading this blog to have a blessed 2019.

Wanda Mills, PoetPublic Speaker, Creative Writer

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